Nails inc

Nails inc

Your brand is already at the cutting-edge of fashion.
So how do you make sure your website and e-commerce offering is cutting it too?


We first worked with Nails inc, a chain of successful nail bar concessions, to release untapped sales potential with their first e-commerce website. After repositioning to the more luxurious end of the market, they needed to make sure they kept their customers engaged with a fashionable new look and personalised features.


We scoped, designed and built an e-commerce platform allowing Nails inc to offer the full range of CRM services to their customers, from personalised email communications to bespoke campaigns like the relaunch of Styled By You - their personalised nail polish. We enabled their online loyalty scheme, Nails inc VIP club - offering exclusive savings, promotions and rewards.

For more than 6 years, we have worked with Nails inc to help them change from a chain of nail bars to being first and foremost a profitable e-commerce business with a loyal and growing following.


Online sales grew by 52%
Year-on-year site visits increased 112%