Books are flying off your shelves, but how do you make your website an entertainment bestseller?


Part of Tata Group, Landmark is the destination for books, music, games and tech in India. They have 18 stores across the country and are growing rapidly. They wanted to be the Amazon of India but had struggled to find the right partner to make it happen. Our experience in building online bookstores was the perfect match.


It was clear that search was going to be key so we created unique delivery options such as pay by cheque and pay on delivery. We also provided Landmark with a highly flexible CMS and integrated with some of their existing business systems to streamline their financial and stock management processes. All of this is accommodated on our robust and flexible e-commerce platform.


Since launch at the end of 2011, the site has made a huge impact on Landmark's business. The improved search functionality has seen traffic to the site leap by 430%. Revenues have increased significantly and continue to grow. We continue to work with Landmark adding new features and enhancements to the site all the time with the most recent addition being a mobile version of the site.